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Valerio Candido and Luigi Mainolfi, Inter Academy In 2018 this project will continue. I finish a new year of Inter Academy in Córdoba and the coaches that were among us Valerio Candido and Luigi Mainolfi, make a kind of ‘balance’ of what was this 2017.

At the beginning Valerio said that “the balance is very positive, it was an excellent job for all the coaches, from the smallest to the largest categories, all the boys IMPROVED from what I saw last year, we became a” family ” , work well, with order, dedication and “good vibes” in each of the categories (I end up stuck here), highlights (laughs).

Inter Academy began with a ‘selective’ of Atalaya and it was extended later, to all categories, it is like that … we consulted. And Valerio said that “yes, the goal of Academy is to train all players and coaches, we also knew that we have some top level guys, but we have to consider ALL equally,” he says.

Luigi, meanwhile, told how his experience was when he was in Argentina and Atalaya for the first time. He said that “it was a” beautiful “experience, formative, personally I appreciate the coaches who work here, they received me very well and I think we managed to transmit something, hopefully we can return to continue the work, because this was only the beginning, now it has to come development, “he says. Inter Academy is a long-term project, during 2018 it will still be present among us, but it will be a decision of the Inter of Italy who will be the coaches destined for the next year, they can be like others, who come to Atalaya.

Therefore, Valerio also referred to the issue and said that “I hope we can return here because now we know each other, we have confidence, it is a second ‘family’ Watchtower for us and for me it has also been an excellent experience and as said” Gigi ” This was the year “0”, now we have to grow all, we are adding many boys and the level has risen unlike the other year, highlights.

In the end, both Valerio and Luigi stood out, which is also a lesson for them, this experience in Argentina and Córdoba. “This is one of the most important issues, says Valerio, the” feedback “that exists (between the coaches of Atalaya and Inter and the boys) is very positive, because we also learn another soccer culture like yours, which is very rich, another vision of life and surely we will stay for our whole life, “he says with a touch of emotion.

About the trip that some of the youths have had to the Inter venue, to live the experience of being there, to see European football up close, Luigi said that “it is a very important experience for them, they begin to understand how to play in Europe , mix with the group that we have in Italy and when we return we have experiences and that is very positive, also the coach Gian Lecler could have his experience there, he could speak with the teachers and that exchange of information and experience, serves A lot to grow, “he concluded. I hope it’s a “see you soon” … Congratulations !!


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