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Football school under the direction of FC Internazionale Milano has open the gates

After the successful completion of the yearly INTER Academy Camp in Trebatice, the players and Italian trainers move to the newly created Football academy INTER Academy IMAS – Slovakia in Stupava, that was officially open on 6th June 2018 by opening ceremony that included the participation the representatives of the football club FC Internazionale Milano, the vice-president Javier Zanetti and president of  FC IMAS Peter Hasoň.

INTER Academy IMAS – Slovakia is developing its activity in the sport centre in the city of Stupava at the modernised football stadium, that includes complex resources for players like for example the accommodation, swimming pool, sports hall, sauna, fitness centre and services of the physiotherapist.

The Academy started in the middle of July with recruitment of the players and is now preparing for training process and enrolment into the competitions. As was mentioned by sport and technical director of INTER Academy IMAS – Slovakia Ivan Konfráter: „The interest of children and young competitors for membership in the academy has exceeded the most optimistic expectations, and therefore we decided to broaden the number of trainers in different categories, to be able, to satisfy as high number of children that want to learn and  follow the methodic of FC Internazionale Milano as possible, still by keeping the quality and to be able to fulfil the demands of our Italian trainers as well.“ As he also mentioned: „The academy will have open training sessions until the end of September, where it will be possible for general public to witness and to try the training process in person.”

General manager of the club Radoslav Mlynár added that the main goal of the academy in Slovakia is to bring the real possibility of development to the young talents, under the conditions that made FC Internazionale Milano a world renown club, and under such conditions achieve sport and personal success and progress.

This has to be achieved with lead of quality trainers, that are lead by an experienced professional Raffaele Quaranta, one of the most successful trainers in the history of FC Internazionale Milano, in Inter soccer school and different other world renown clubs, not to forget to mention his long and rich career as a football player.

As was added by general manager in the end: „Respect to others, active participation in the life of the group, the exchange of opinions, the sharing of the victory and defeat as the individual and collective educational experience, will have a leading role in our academy. Our children will become excellent citizens with respect to each other and especially to themselves.“


Technical connection between the academy with the seat in Milano and all other centers is the base of the youth sector and that, what makes the academy of Inter unique. Each academy of Inter in the world is the extension of the club and people that make part of different affiliations abroad are part of the academy with the seat in Milano as well.

Every year there is a couple of activities going on to strengthen the rapports between different academies around the world. The exchange of opinions, sharing of experience and active surveillance of the Italian partners in the process of the training as well as keeping the standards of Inter academy is obvious.

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