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Interview with Peter Tóth

Within the frame of INTER Academy IMAS we joined a competition organised by Inter Academy, to shoot a video of the most closest and faithful replica of the goals from derby matches between INTER and AC MILAN according to a model. Our task was the goal scored by Aldo Serena in the derby match during the season 1988/1989.

There were a couple of academies that joined the competition including our one INTER Academy IMAS.

Videoclip of our academy with faithful copy of Aldo Serena’s goal was successful and won, and together with the goals from other partner academies became a part of wonderful „derby“ clip, that was projected on the screen on San Siro during the derby INTER – AC MILAN on 21st October 2018.

There were members of INTER Academy IMAS that were present on the match INTER – AC MILAN, among them was the captain of the U17 youth team Peťo Tóth who also participated on shooting of the video clip.

„The process of the shooting was quite all right, I expected that it will be prolegomenous and boring, but luckily it was not like that. I also suffered a two days migraine after the shooting because of so many headers that I played that day, literally I never played so many headers in my all precedent football career“ said Peťo with a smile. In the video clip the talented football player had a very important task, to reproduce Aldo’s goal scored by a header „It meant really a lot to me, as you can imagine that when 80 000 people see you, it is something that you cannot just ignore by waiving of a hand. And of course I needed to represent our academy, so I was really glad that it was a success.“

And why Peťo together with his father decided to take such a long trip to see the match? “Surely because to go to see such a match is an experience for the whole life, and especially as a bonus when you see there on the stadium how you score the goal on the screen, I think that is a very good reason why“ Peťo definitely did not have the doubts that he will be on the screen on San Siro „ Of course I believed from the beginning that we will be successful and we will be there. And when we came to know that some of the academies were not successful it gave us an even bigger motivation and the feeling of satisfaction. A big thanks goes as well to all boys and trainers because this was a team work,“ added the captain of the U17 category team.

Our IMAS excursion fronted by the goal scorer enjoyed the trip to the match a lot and recommends to everyone to go and experience the derby personally at first hand „I enjoyed the match incredibly, the atmosphere was undescribable and you just need to experience it on your own“ added Peťo in the end.

Thanks for the interview and to all for patience during the shooting of the video clip !

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