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We present: David Chiodo

INTER Academy IMAS – Slovakia writes it’s history four months only and already can be proud of a number of renown persons that visited us.

Most important of the, was vice-president of Inter Milano – Javier Zanetti who lead a demonstration training after attending a press conference on the day of the project initiation together with technical director Marco Monti.  In July we were visited by Aldo Montinaro, Emanuele Nava and Raffaele Quaranta who serves here as a permanent trainer. Not long ago we did bid welcome to Gabriele Zanon who helped us to set up the methodics to our goalkeepers.

We are very glad and happy that after the inauguration of the academy and project initiation INTER Academy – IMAS Slovakia continues the collaboration with the FC Internazionale Milano central on a very high level and under agreed conditions. Step by step we exchange through each other the experience with colleagues from the work team on managerial level, as well as directly in the sport and coaching area.

„Because of this support and presence of experienced professional experts from nerazzuri club we can share with our trainers and players new gained knowledge and experience and elements in training process that cannot be seen in the standard „life“ of Slovak clubs or academies.“  Said the FC IMAS general manager Radoslav Mlynár.

On Friday arrived to Slovakia a successful fitness trainer, match analyst and author of specialised publications David Chiodo. His success extends to year 2004, when he acted as a fitness coach in A.S.D Saluzzo, Serie E and afterwards in A.S.D. Saluzzo, Serie D. His career in serie D followed in A.S.D. Acqui Calcio, A.S.D. Casale, A.S.D. Pro Belvedere and A.S.D. Borgosesia. He was then sharing his experiences as fitness coach in Italian professional league Lega Pro in clubs A.C. Carrarese, A.C. Rimini and A.C. Casale.

Not long time ago David worked for A.S.D. Oltrepovoghera and since April of this year he is a member of the team of F.C. Internazionale Milano as a Fitness Coach for the project Inter Academy, within this time frame he visited Inter Academy Lebanon, academy in Hungary or Inter Summer Camp in Greece.

For the next two weeks David Chiodo will dedicate himself to look after the players of INTER Academy IMAS – Slovakia, where he will improve the coordination and physical skills of the „cheetahs“.

It is very important to be able to apply the training methodology of INTER Academy under our local conditions. We always evaluate what is needed for INTER Academy IMAS – Slovakia in the specific moment and before the winter break and before departure of the permanent trainer we decided to use the service of trainer Chiodo, who will be responsible in the academy for individual schedule and set up of of training process of individuals for the months December, January and February. Our players will absolve with David Chiodo a two weeks training cycle, and during this period he will know the players, observe them and test them and afterwards after getting the results he will set for them the coordination and physical training process. I am convinced  that even our Slovak trainers will absorb new training methods, because only by long term learning of new know-how they can become good trainers. I wish to David a nice stay in INTER Academy IMAS – Slovakia“ added at the end Ivan Konfráter, technical and sport director of FC IMAS.

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