Inter Academy lands in Turkey

MILAN – The global Inter Academy network took another step forward today with the launch of Inter Academy Turkey, which is to be run in collaboration with local partner 3H Spor Okullari, part of Turkish Group Altun Logistics.

The Inter Academy Turkey project will provide important support to the development of young local football players and coaches in the country. Thanks to Inter Academy, Turkish children and young people will have the chance to train according to the high technical and ethical standards synonymous with Inter while remaining in their own countries – the perfect place for them to develop as both footballers and human beings.

“The creation of this new partnership represents an important stage in Inter Academy’s expansion around the world,” said FC Internazionale Milano Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello. “Inter has always been passionate about the technical and personal development of young players, and we’re pleased that – thanks to the support of 3H Spor Okullari – children in Turkey will be able to train according to the technical standards of Inter without leaving their home country.”

“Through the opening of Inter Academy Turkey, we want to share our passion for sport and teamwork,” said 3H Sport Okullari Managing Partners Hüseyin Gökten and Hüseyin Altun, who reiterated their confidence in the Inter Academy project despite the current international crisis. “We care deeply about the development and education of children and by teaming up with a global brand like Inter on this project, we’ll be able to contribute professionally and efficiently to the development of football in Turkey.”

Four hundred children and young people between the ages of six and 17 will take part in the Inter Academy Turkey project. The main base for the project is in Mersin, but the aim is to expand across Turkey in the future.

Our local partners are working closely with Turkish authorities to establish when activities can begin, with a provisional start date set for early July.

The Inter Academy team will initially oversee the project from Italy, staying in constant contact with the local partners and organising webinars to provide training to local coaches and young players.

The launch of Inter Academy Turkey further expands the horizons of the Inter Academy network, which now has 21 permanent projects and works with over 20,000 young boys and girls and more than 400 coaches around the world.